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 Galilani is bevallen van 8 prachtige pups. 5 reuen en 3 teven. Er zijn nog pups vrij!!!

My name is Angelique Knufing- ter Hoeve and I started with the White German Shepherd  Flash in 2000, after having had Malinois and German/Malinois. I started training IPO (Int. Prüfungsordnung) with this dog.  This was a great challenge for me because I had never had a white shepherd in my work before. In 2003 I bought another White Shepherd named Joascha of the White Islanders, who eventually became the matriarch of my working dog line. I did a number of shows, G&G and IPO with Joascha. 

Training with this dog has given me a lot of passion to train with more White German Shepherds for IPO, Cynophilia and finally in 2016 with a granddaughter (Atsila of the Angelspirit) I became the first service dog security White Shepherd in the Netherlands. Due to Joascha's work ethic and the health of this male, I started breeding him and got a few interesting bloodlines from which we have some beautiful healthy females and males. This bloodline has also given me a good line of work to train with passion in almost all branches of dog sports. All his offspring that I use are Embark (184 diseases) and OFA Hips, OFA Elbows  tested.   


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